High Speed Internet with Wireless USB Modem

wireless-usb-modemIf you’re looking for a wireless high speed mobile broadband Internet solution, your search ends here.

Wireless Internet is the new way, the new style. Where ever you go, what ever you do, stay connected online with high speed internet and 3G Mobile broadband with Datajack Wireless USB Modem.

And it won’t leave a hole in your pocket, promise.

How does a Wireless USB Modem work?

The Wireless USB modem is a device that can be plugged directly into a laptop or computer. Once plugged, it can be easily set up to connect to the Internet. It does not have any user code or dial up processes involved, so the set up is pretty easy and quick.

However, different wireless USB Modems (from different brands) might have different ways of working. The Datajack wireless USB modem comes with a SIM card inside the modem, pre-installed. So, you don’t have to worry about getting the new connection started.

USB Modems require software drivers to work. Many companies sell wireless USB Modems with installation drivers on a separate CD or as a downloadable file from the internet.

For Datajack, the drivers will be automatically installed, while you plug in the device to your computer, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Once set up, fire up your browser and load any website you like.

Wireless USB Modem and internet speeds?

So, does the wireless USB modem provide top internet speeds? How much is the top speed once can achieve on a wireless USB modem?

Well, a lot of it depends on where you are and how strong your signal strength is. With Datajack, you can make sure that the signal is almost carpet-like across the USA. And the network is growing day by day, so chances are that you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re travelling to the major cities of USA< you can be certain that you’ll get top 3G speeds wherever you go.

For best results to get better coverage and download speeds, check out our tips to increase internet speeds.

How to get started with a Wireless USB Modem?

Getting started with Datajack Wireless USB modem is pretty easy. All you got to do is buy a new wireless USB Modem from Datajack and plug it into your laptop or computer. Fire it up, load your browser and start browsing. And according to your data needs, Datajack has several convenient Data plans to choose from.

Datajack’s Data plans are custom made to suit every Internet user’s demand. It has smaller to bigger data transfer plans that fit every one.

The 5 MB data transfer plan is the most popular among our users, as it gives even the heavy Internet user ample space and bandwidth every month without any glitches. And it costs only $49.99 which makes it one of the wisest choices among the cheapest mobile broadband plans available today.

Datajack Mobile Broadband Data Plans
200 MB 500 MB 1GB 5GB





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