Wireless Internet Hotspot Device for High Speed Internet

Wireless Internet Hotspot DeviceTravel anywhere you like, and stay connected online 24/7 via high speed 3G Mobile Internet.

No wires no fuss.

Forget those days when connecting your devices to the internet was messy with all those wires hanging out.

While many mobile broadband internet service providers boasts about internet connectivity on the go, Datajack puts it into practice. With its new Wireless Internet Hotspot device, Datajack MiFi.

So, what’s a Wireless Internet Hotspot Device?

A Wireless Internet Hotspot device is a WiFi enabled device that will enable other devices to connect to the internet simultaneously.

The Wireless Internet Hotspot device acts as the point of connection between the connected devices and channels the data seamlessly, without the use of wires.

To connect to the internet, the devices has to be WiFi enabled in the first place.

The MiFi (Wireless Internet Hotspot) device will pair up with other devices (computer or laptop) and start connecting to the Internet right away. Behind the scenes, there is a SIM card inside the MiFi device that enables high speed mobile broadband internet on the devices connected.

Top speeds for Wireless Internet Hotspot Device?

So, what are the top speeds achievable for wireless internet hotspot devices?
Well, a lot depends on your connection type, location etc. With Datajack, you can get top 3G mobile broadband speeds on any device that is connected to the hotspot.

Best speeds are achieved with optimal signal strength and the right distance between the hotspot and device. Datajack recommends a 30 foot radius between the MiFi device and your computer/mobile/laptop.

Avoid any direct block between the devices and you are likely to get the best speeds.

How many devices can you connect at a time with a Wireless Internet Hotspot Device?

With Datajack, you can connect upto five WiFi enabled devices simultaneously to the internet. First off, switch on the Datajack MiFi hotspot, and connect all the devices you want to connect to the internet to the MiFi device one by one. As they pair up with the MiFi, high speed internet can be enjoyed on the connected devices. Simple as that!

Why is a Wireless Internet Hotspot better?

So many reasons.

First off, you get rid of all the wires and un necessary hassle. Clearing all the wires off your desk with itself remove a lot of clutter and give you lot of productive space to work with.

Second, you can connect as much as five devices simultaneously to the internet. No more IT glitches.

Third, you can move around with your connected devices (laptops, computers etc) anywhere within 30 foot radius of the Wireless Internet Hotspot device. That means a lot of freedom and space.

Wireless Internet Hotspot Device or Wireless USB Modem – Which is better?

Well, both have their advantages and disadvantages. A USB modem cannot connect more than one device at a time to the internet while the hotspot  device can. A USB modem cannot be plugged on to your computer but have to be made publicly available via WiFi.