Wireless Internet for Laptops–Best options for mobile broadband

Laptop 2Today, the internet has become such a force that everything we do, like and share is surprisingly online. Our friends, work, hobbies, play, fun, shopping almost everything is online. Staying online and connected to the internet is not a luxury but a necessity these days. A world without connectivity is a nightmare.

Staying connected online 24/7 or while traveling is not difficult but tricky, especially if you don’t find the right internet service provider. Wireless internet for laptops is the answer to the question. Get high speed internet wirelessly on your laptops, so that we’re connected all the way. But what are options for getting wireless internet for laptops? Do we need to get a new internet connection or is there a device that can help connect to the internet wirelessly?

Wireless Internet for Laptops – How to get it done

Apparently, getting wireless internet on laptops isn’t difficult. But before getting the internet connection, you need to figure out certain things, ask yourself some questions.

Prepaid Internet or Contract ?

So, figure out first if you want to get a prepaid internet connection or a contract based one. Prepaid internet is easier as it gives you the convenience to pay only for what you use. While contract based internet will keep you paying consistently every month, whether you use or not use the internet.

If its high speed internet on the go, its probably better to get prepaid internet as your usage patterns could vary and is unpredictable. You could also simply chose to discontinue using the connection and there are no questions asked.

For work or leisure?

So, you want to get a wireless internet connection for your laptop for work or other purposes? Figure out. If its for work, you probably need only a lower data based plan, like the $9.99 per month plan from Datajack, that has up to 25MB data bandwidth. This plan is good enough to cover your email needs and basic document work.

Even if you’re using it for leisure, like movie streaming and downloads, a higher bandwidth plan with up to 5GB of monthly transfer will easily cover your needs.

Broadband Wireless Internet for Laptops

So what are the devices you need for broadband wireless internet for laptops? There are two options, a) USB Mobile Broadband Modem for Laptops and

b) Wireless MiFi Hotspot device for Laptops

Wireless Internet for Laptops with USB Modem

Internet USB modems are probably the best solutions for getting wireless internet on laptops. Unplug those messy wires and move to the convenience of wireless internet for high speed mobile broadband internet USB modem.

Using the USB modem for laptops, is extremely easy.

Just get a USB Internet modem for your laptop and plug it into the USB port. Datajack’s modem will automatically install the drivers and start working almost instantly. USB Modem wireless internet for laptops are the best way to stay connected online while you’re on the go and traveling. Datajack has excellent coverage all across the USA, ensuring seamless connection where ever you may be traveling.

Wireless Internet for Laptops with MiFi Hotspot Device

A better solution to Wireless internet on laptops, are WiFi hotspot devices. A WiFi wireless hotspot device is one that pairs up to five WiFi ready devices connecting them to high speed internet simultaneously. Its easy to set up a MiFi device and get it connected to the internet. All you need is to ensure that the devices that you want connected to internet is WiFi ready and they are paired with the MiFi device. MiFi devices can send signals upto 30 foot in length so, you can still connect the internet with devices lying around at a distance.

So, essentially, there are two ways to connect wireless internet to laptops, the easy USB modem way and the MiFi way. With either products, one can connect to high speed mobile broadband internet on laptops, on the go, while you travel and enjoy seamless connectivity where ever you go.

Getting a new Wireless Internet connection for your laptop

To make things even more exciting, getting a new mobile broadband internet wireless connection for your laptop is easy with Datajack’s easy data plans. With price as low as $9.99 a month, this is the best wireless internet connection you can get. And that too, with no contracts, no deposits or credit checks!

What are you waiting for then?

  • $4.99
    Pay As You Go Plan

  • $9.99
    250 MB Plan

  • $29.99
    2 GB Plan

  • $49.99
    5 GB Plan