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10 Interesting Trends in Mobile Industry (2011)

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Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

From websites to apps, phones to smart phones, 3G to 4G, we’ve come a long way.

2011 was a booming year for mobile industry. And the mobile web is exploding exponentially. Every second, millions of smart phones are being sold. Gone are the days when mobile was all about sluggish internet. Today a host of features come with smart phones and it’s a fact that, they are making our daily lives better.

Let’s see what the trends were in the mobile web industry in 2011.


1. Mobile has bigger reach than electricity today

In other words, mobile access is more popular than electricity in the population today. As per this forecast by Cisco, there are about 50 million homes in the world that have mobile access but no electricity.

2. Mobile Broadband Subscriptions doubled

The number of active mobile broadband subscriptions have doubled over the last two years. From about 450 million in 2009 to 700 million in 2011.

3. Smart phones are the standard now

There has been a huge jump in the smart phone user base this year. With the advent of newer and faster technology, like 3G and 4G broadband internet, phones have now become a media consuming device more than ever.

4. Mobile web has gone from simple to complex

From keypad inputs to touch screens. From small screens to large tablet screens. The mobile web has outgrown itself in its expectations. Today, users expect mobile websites to be as funky and functional as browser websites. The difference seems to be narrowing.

5. 80% of the smartphones used today have touchscreens

Touchscreens are the standard today. More than 80% of mobile devices used today have touch screens as per this study.

6. The leading mobile web browsers are Opera and Safari

The two browsers are extremely popular compared to competition. Thanks to Apple’s iPad and new iPhone releases. Opera enjoys a market share of 22.5% while Safari enjoys a cool 24%.

7. Nokia hit an all time low in 2011

Nokia devices hit an all time low in 2010 and 2011, users making a significant shift to Android devices. Nokia’s market share is only about 12% while the next player is ahead at 18% (Android).

8. An average mobile web user visits about 24 websites in a day

According to this report, an average mobile web user visits about 24 websites per day and most of them are not the mobile friendly versions but “traditional” websites.

9. User prefer websites to Apps

Though there are several applications available today, mobile web users still prefer websites to apps for shopping and searches.Report.

10. Android is the fastest growing mobile operating system

Compared to other operating systems, Android is the fastest growing mobile operating system. However the market leader is iOs.

Additional Insights:

98% of mobile web searches are on Google

Google is the undisputed leader when it comes to mobile web search. Yahoo and other search platforms cater to a pathetic, less than 5% of the whole market.

By 2015:

There shall be 6 billion active broadband internet users in the world

In 2012, we have around 1.2 billion active mobile broadband internet users worldwide, and this will grow up to 6-7 times if the trend continues.

There shall be 982 million smartphones sold

Currently there are about 472 million smart phones sold worldwide, and this will double if trends continue by 2015.


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