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4G Mobile Broadband Internet: Is it for real?

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Thursday, February 16th, 2012

4G Mobile Broadband is the new buzz in town. 4G means a whole lot of new possibilities. Better speeds, better bandwidths and better connectivity. Today every other company is boasting about their 4G capabilities and how fast their network is compared to 3G. Is the buzz worth the hype? Let’s figure out.

The ITU defines 4G as a connection capable of 100Mbps with high mobility (wherever you go) and up to 1Gbps with low mobility (Wi-Fi range).

That is a promising figure. It is almost ten times the fast high speed internet we are enjoying today. But is it for real? Too good to be true? Well, that may be because it is.

Today, most companies use 4G as a marketing term to call it the next generation after 3G, which is currently the fastest internet we know of (in availability).



Is 4G Mobile Broadband faster than 3G?

Of course yes, technically 4G is faster than 3G. But in today’s perspective, real 4G networks are not available. When we say real 4G network, we mean those networks that can provide upto 1Gbps on WiFi. In the USA, there is no available network that can offer this speed at the moment (Feb 2012). Source: Wikipedia

But yes, as the next generation technology after 3G, 4G mobile broadband and 4G Mobile hotspots are something to look up to.

Are 4G Mobile Broadband Networks available today?

If you have to go by the advertisements, yes. 4G networks are pretty much available today. The reality is that these networks are just “4th Generation” (because they came after 3G) and don’t really meet the 4G technical standards of offering 100Mbps connection.

A recent study in the U.S.A has suggested that no mobile networks available today have been able to meet the actual 4G network speeds so far. But we hope they do soon. Source: LifeHacker

4G Average and Maximum Speeds – The Difference

Today, the advertisements can be categorized in to two. The ones that speak about either average speeds or maximum speeds.

Maximum speeds are unrealistic speeds because these are attained by someone somewhere (hopefully in the test labs) and not really enjoyed by the end user. Maximum speeds are often described with “Up to” in their ads. Where it means that the network is capable of attaining speeds up to the given numbers but there is no guarantee that they will.

The second category is average speeds, which is the actual, practically possible network speeds attainable by the carrier. The advertised speeds in this case, will not be described with an “Up to” and normally stick closer to realistic speeds.

So, next time when you see that advertisement, you know what is the difference, and of course, what to expect.

Should you get 4G Mobile Broadband?

There are several questions to ask yourself before getting one. Getting a 4G mobile broadband should give you better speeds and better  connectivity. If they don’t , probably its not worth the money. While we hope that the 4G Mobile broadband connections available today meet up to the real 4G standards, the reality is different.

Question 1 – Do you want better & higher speeds?

If yes, you should go for 3G mobile broadband, possibly a WiFi hotspot that you can take anywhere. There is no beating this one in speeds so far as we know. They are convenient and not so expensive ($49.99 per month tops).

Question 2 – Do you want to go for contracts or no-contracts?

Contract based Internet is risky. What if you don’t get the speeds that were promised? No contract based Internet connections come in here. They don’t force you to sign an agreement with the provider, so if you’re not getting the speeds that were promised, or are dissatisfied with the product, you can simply stop using them. No questions asked.

Question 3 – Will you get 3G or 4G connectivity in your area?

Though internet service providers have extensive networks, not all of them have full coverage. Users should be aware of this firsthand before buying the product. A good thing to do is check for the coverage maps, and make sure you have connectivity in your area. If not, prepare to be disappointed when you have the connection. Most networks switch to regular or slower connections when 3G network is not available in the area. Example: Check Datajack’s coverage map here.

So, What’s next after 4G? 5G Mobile Broadband?

Yes, you guessed it right. While we’re still figuring out how to make sense of 4G Mobile broadband, 5G is already in the making.

IMT is already preparing the next generation broadband technology after 4G and has named it, well you guessed it “5G”. The least surprising part of 5G IMT-Advanced is that it will be faster than 4G LTE and WiMAX. Both WiMax and LTE both promise theoretical download speeds over 100 Mbits/second. IMT-Advance technologies will have a theoretical max of 1 Gbit/second.

But its only in the research phase now, so it might take a couple more years before it hits the shelves. And most probably it will undergo a lot of changes as well. It is widely speculated that we can expect 5G Mobile broadband by 2014.

How fast is 5G Mobile broadband going to be?

This should get you excited. Trends says you’ll theoretically be able to download a 720p TV show in 90 seconds or less. Now, how fast is that?

How to Get High Speed Mobile Broadband?

So, until we wait for the “real 4G” and 5G mobile broadband speeds,  getting high speed mobile broadband Internet, today is easy and affordable.

And there are several data plans available, from $9.99 a month to $49.99 of upto 5GB in bandwidth. And contract based Internet is a thing of the past. We have convenient No contract Internet mobile broadband plans available that make things a lot easier. With them, you can kick start high speed mobile broadband Internet as soon as you get the device and stop using it when you like, no questions asked.

Cost is a big factor when it comes to selecting your Internet plans, and we understand it. Which is why we offer high speed Internet at the most affordable rates with no credit checks or deposits. Check it out here.

Looking for Wireless Broadband On the Go?

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Saturday, January 7th, 2012

So, you’ve decided to make the move from wired internet to wireless broadband on the go! And all the options, offers and tariff plans, are only helping to confuse more now. So, where do we start? How to find the best wireless broadband on the go solution?

Let us help.

1. Know what you really want

First off, you got to understand what you really want in a wireless broadband.  Are you looking for a high speed 3G mobile broadband internet for office work or downloading movies? If its office work then you don’t need an expensive high data transfer plan, but if its downloading and other high bandwidth uses, you need a higher plan. Knowing this will help you save a lot of money.

2. Contract or Prepaid Wireless Broadband?

Next up, you got to figure out if you need a prepaid, pay-as-you-go connection or a signed contract one?

If you are going to make your wireless broadband internet the primary one, then you might want a contract. Or if you’d like to pay as you go, get a no contract wireless broadband like Datajack, No contract internet is always preferred as it gives you the freedom to cancel the connection when you like. With Datajack, you can cancel the connection any time and there are no questions asked.(You are less likely to do that anyways, with the kind of service we provide.)

3. What speeds do you need?

Most importantly, one got to figure out what speeds you need on your wireless broadband. Since you will be using the internet on the move, you got to have pretty good speeds and this cannot be compromised. Many wireless internet providers give you pretty decent speeds and Datajack gives you amazingly fast 3G High speed internet, which can take care of all your regular internet usage.

4. Wireless broadband coverage

Once, you’ve figured out all the above mentioned points, check if the service has coverage in your area. Since you are going to use the wireless broadband during travel, its good to check the coverage at all the places you will likely be.

Datajack has a coverage checker, just give your zip code and it will show you if the place has Datajack coverage.

So, there you have it, check all the points mentioned above before getting a wireless broadband on the go internet connection. Make sure you have the best plan, the best speed and the best service. With Datajack, we have everything you’re looking for in once place.

Check out Datajack MiFi ‘Wireless Broadband On the Go here.

How to get 3G Internet on laptops and mobile phones?

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Friday, January 6th, 2012

So you’re traveling and need high speed internet on the move on your laptop and mobile phone? 3G Mobile broadband is the way to go.

3G high speed mobile broadband is up to ten times faster than normal internet connections and is best suited for travelers. You can either have it on your mobile or on your laptop or computer.

3G Internet on Laptops

So if you have a laptop with a USB slot, you’re good to go.How to get 3G Internet

Datajack offers high speed mobile broadband internet on USB modem that can easily be plugged into your laptop’s/computer’s USB slot.

The modem driver will be automatically installed on the computer as you plug the USB modem in, so there is no need to install it separately from a CD or the internet.

Based on where you are and your signal strength, you will get high speed 3G internet on the laptop or computer.

Datajack has an amazing network coverage through out the USA, so its very likely that you would never complain of anything at all on the network.

How to get 3G Internet Hotspot?

Creating a mobile hotspot is the easiest and convenient way to connect to the internet with multiple devices. With a mobile hotspot internet device like the Datajack MiFi, you can connect up to five WiFi enabled devices to the internet simultaneously.

Creating a hotspot 3G Internet network on a laptop is easy.

All you have to do is grab a Datajack MiFi device and fire it up. Connect all the five devices you want connected to the internet to the MiFi device via wireless (WiFi).

Once connected to the device you can easily browse the internet on the laptop and other connected devices just like any other wired internet device. No dialups or logging in required, just plug and play, easy as that!

How to get 3G Internet connection?

Getting a new 3G Internet connection is now easier than ever. No contracts, No deposits, No forms, getting a Datajack mobile broadband 3G Internet connection is easy as that. It comes with different data plans, so you can choose which works best for you. Either order it online or call up our friendly customer support team and place a new order at 888-693-4522 !

3G v/s 4G : Difference And The Truth

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Monday, January 2nd, 2012

If you thought that 4G is this amazing new technology that incredibly increased internet speeds on your mobile devices, like never before, we have news for you.

Many people out there get fooled by the 3G, 4G like terms where companies get them to think that these are some new found technological advancements. While in fact, 4G is nothing more than a marketing term. A term which stands for “Fourth Generation Wireless”.


Users today are “data driven” than ever before. With the use of advanced smart phones and daily life applications, data usage is the most important part of mobility.

Bandwidth, Internet speeds, Broadband and Data cap etc have become the measuring sticks for selecting a mobile network.

Understanding the demand, we have networks with 3G and 4G support. Undoubtedly, 4G is ten times more faster than 3G mobile broadband. Let’s see what the actual difference between 3G and 4G networks is.

Difference between 3G and 4G Networks

Factor 3G 4G
Data Speed 3 MB per second 1 GB per second
Services CDMA 2000, UMTS, EDGE Wimax2 and LTE-Advance
Network Wide Area Cell Based Wireless LAN + Wide Area
Peak Upload Rate 50 Mbit per sec 500 Mbit per sec
Peak Download Rate 100 Mbit per sec 1 Gbit per sec
Frequency 1.8 – 2.5 GHz 2 – 8 GHz

Difference in 3G and 4G Speeds

So, what is the actual difference in speeds for 3G and 4G networks? Now, that we have both 3G and 4G mobile broadband networks, it probably makes sense to just buy either of them and test it on the road. But what you got to know is that there is a difference between “technical” speeds and “offered” speeds.

Technically, 4G networks must be able to deliver speeds up to 1GB per second, but its not achieved yet on existing mobile networks in the USA. Networks who have claimed 4G support are however, are providing speeds very close to 1GB but its not static and is heavily dependent on traffic, place and the underlying network infrastructure.


Now, these aren’t bad figures when you consider that this is the average speed that most consumers get on their wired DSL connections. In fact, most 4G networks are ten times faster than 3G networks, which have average speeds of 1.4Mbps to 3Mbps.

3G or 4G Mobile Broadband?

Well, if you’re confused over which mobile broadband network to go with, 3G or 4G, here is the answer.

If you have a 3G supported smart phone, go for a 3G mobile network. Because, 4G is not yet completely mainstream at the moment and companies are upgrading their infrastructure as we speak. Switch to 4G once it is mainstream and there are several options available for 4G supported devices.

Until then its wise to go for a 3G Mobile Broadband network.


3G Mobile Broadband Hotspot?

Also, if you want to take 3G Mobile broadband on your laptop and computers, or many devices simultaneously, like a hotspot, then get a Datajack MiFi device. It gives you high speed 3G mobile broadband internet on the go, where ever you are up to 5 WiFi supported devices. And there is no contract or deposit either.

10 Open Source Android Apps for Android Developers

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Monday, October 24th, 2011

If you’re an aspiring Android developer, or is one, then you gotta have these. Ten amazing must have applications for Android developers.

1. Sample Apps by Android Team

Could there be a better way to start without looking at the code of the developers who developed the framework?  These are 15 different android sample apps created by the core developers of the Android framework. These include a couple of games, photostream, time display, home screen shortcuts etc.

2. Remote Droid

RemoteDroid is an android app which turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse with touchpad, using your own wireless network. You can learn lot of things like connecting to a network, controlling user finger movement etc from its source.

3. TorProxy and Shadow

TorProxy is an implementation of Tor for Android mobiles. Together with Shadow, it allows you to browse website anonymously from your mobile phone. You can learn about tunnelling socket connections, managing cookies etc by reading its source code.

4. Android SMSPopup

It is an Android app that intercepts incoming text messages and displays them in a popup window. Apart from being a time saver, this app also shows us how to interface with the built-in app that manages SMS.

5. Standup Timer

Standup Timer is an Android application that acts as a simple, stand-up meeting stop watch. It can be used to ensure your stand-up meeting finishes on time, and gives all the participants an equal share of time to state their progress. You can learn how to use the timer functionality by reading the source code. Also this apps has clear distinction between view, model etc and has lot of util methods which we can reuse in our app.

6. Foursquare

It is a four square client for android. This app is basically divided into two components;  Reading the source code you can find out how to make.

7. Pedometer

The pedometer app tries to take the number of steps you take every day. Even though the count is not accurate, you can learn different things like interacting with accelerometer, doing voice updates, running background services etc by reading its source code.

8. Opensudoku-android

OpenSudoku is a simple open source sudoku game. You can learn how to display things in a grid in your view and also how to interact with a website by reading its source code.

9. ConnectBot

ConnectBot is a Secure Shell client for the Android platform. There are lot of good things about this app’s source code. Check it out for yourself .

10. WordPress for Android

How can you expect a list of apps from me without mentioning WordPress . This android app is from the official WordPress development team. You can learn how to make XMLRPC calls (in addition to other cool things) by reading its source code.

If you got any good open source android apps from which we can learn something, then do leave a comment and I will add them up here, till then happy reading.


Double WiFi battery life of devices with new software

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Saturday, July 9th, 2011

If you’re the type who is forced to charge your laptop and mobile phones on an hourly basis just because you use a lot of WiFi, then we have some good news for you.

A student from Duke University believes he has found a way to change this by tweaking wi-fi technology to double our devices’ battery lives. Justin Manweiler‘s software, called SleepWell, allows mobile devices to ‘sleep’ while they are waiting to download information. This allows your devices, and other competing devices in the area, to save energy.

According to experts when we use WiFi, more than 60% of the time is wasted in non-productive instances like loading/downloading/waiting to get connected etc. Of course one cannot fine control these instances while using a WiFi. But a program can. And that’s exactly what SleepWell does. Manage and fine tunes your WiFi devices performance so that it chops off all the “wasteful” exercises and makes it effective as it should be.

Increase WiFi backup timeThe energy drain is especially severe in the presence of other WiFi devices in the neighborhood.  In such cases, each device has to “stay awake” before it gets its turn to download a small piece of the desired information. This means that the battery drainage in downloading a movie in Manhattan is far higher than downloading the same movie in a farmhouse in the Midwest, the researchers said.

The Duke-developed software eliminates this problem by allowing mobile devices to sleep while a neighboring device is downloading information. This not only saves energy for the sleeping device, but also for competing devices as well.

The new system has been termed SleepWell by Justin Manweiler, a graduate student in computer science under the direction of Romit Roy Choudhury, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering. The SleepWell system was presented at the ninth Association for Computing Machinery’s International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications and Services (MobiSys), being held in Washington, D.C.

Manweiler described the system by analogy: “Big cities face heavy rush hours as workers come and leave their jobs at similar times. If work schedules were more flexible, different companies could stagger their office hours to reduce the rush. With less of a rush, there would be more free time for all, and yet, the total number of working hours would remain the same.”

“The same is true of mobile devices trying to access the Internet at the same time,” Manweiler said. “The SleepWell-enabled WiFi access points can stagger their activity cycles to minimally overlap with others, ultimately resulting in promising energy gains with negligible loss of performance.”

With cloud computing on the horizon, mobile devices will need to access the Internet more frequently — however, such frequent access could be severely constrained by the energy toll that WiFi takes on the device’s battery life, according to Roy Choudhury.

“Energy is certainly a key problem for the future of mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones,” Roy Choudhury said. “The SleepWell system can certainly be an important upgrade to WiFi technology, especially in the light of increasing WiFi density.”

Manweiler said that “the testing we conducted across a number of device types and situations gives us confidence that SleepWell is a viable approach for the near future.”

Well, this is good news for all, especially those of us who remains on WiFi mode all the time and have to run for charger every other hour.

News source

20 Useful Must Have Apps For Travel Enthusiasts

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Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

There are two kinds of travelers. You have your travel enthusiast.The one  that takes the time to plan out all the variations of the trip, and well the other? The suitcase in the trunk traveler that set’s the GPS and take the road as it comes.
However you choose to travel you’ll be sure to make good time with these.  Here are twenty amazing iPad/iPhone apps that we thought were must-have’s for the average travel enthusiast. They’ll help you in more than one ways you can think of while traveling.

1. Find Free WiFi spots where ever you go with Free WiFi Finder

Instantly find FREE Wi-Fi Internet hotspots wherever you are in the world online or offline!

JiWire’s Global FREE Wi-Fi app uses your iPhone’s GPS and network triangulation capabilities to locate free Wi-Fi Internet access.

★ Over 145,000 Free locations worldwide
★ “Near me” search based on your current location
★ Search specific geographic regions
★ Filter by location type (Cafe, Library, etc..)
★ Phone numbers and address info
★ Bookmark your favorite locations


2. Find the best places to eat out with Yelp

Looking for a burrito joint open now? An Irish pub nearby? A gas station you can drive to before your tank hits empty? Yelp for your iPhone is here to help. Use us to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play then read reviews from an active community of locals in the know.


- Search for businesses near you using the iPhone’s built-in location finder
- Tap quick links to find nearby bars, restaurants, cafes and more
- Narrow your searches by ‘hood, distance, price, and what’s open now
- Browse reviews to read what’s great (and not so great) in your city
- Add Quick Tips, photos, and draft reviews for your favorite businesses
- Look up addresses and phone numbers for thousands of businesses, then call or map them from your iPhone
- Yelp does augmented reality with Monocle. Overlay business information onto the world around you


3. Urban Spoon – Decide where to eat

Can’t decide where to eat? Urbanspoon can help. SHAKE your iPhone and the Urbanspoon slot machine will pick a good restaurant for you to try. See what’s NEARBY to explore your ‘hood in list or map mode. See what your FRIENDS like. BROWSE a comprehensive list of restaurants.

- Use GPS to find a restaurant near you
- Filter by neighborhood, cuisine, or price
- Search and browse local restaurants
- See a list of all nearby eateries
- Compare restaurant picks with your friends
- Ratings and reviews from newspapers, bloggers, and fellow eaters

Covers all of the United States and Canada, and large metro areas in the UK and Australia.


4. Check flight status on the go with Live Flight Tracker

Free, live flight tracking from FlightAware for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

This app allows you to track the real-time flight status and tracking map of any flight in the United States, Canada, or United Kingdom. It can track general aviation (private, charter, etc) or airline flights.

Search by aircraft registration, route, airline, flight number, city pair, or airport code. Tracking data includes complete flight details and full-screen maps with NEXRAD radar overlay.

Free registration with FlightAware is required and can be easily completed in-app if you’re not already a member.


5. Get info on hotels with Trip Advisor Hotels & Restaurants

- New! My Saves: save hotel, restaurant, and attraction pages so you can find them again easily
- Has reached #1 free travel app in more than 80 countries
- “iPhone Travel Apps: #1 Essential Download” –
- “There is simply no substitute for TripAdvisor’s hotel reviews. If you are a TripAdvisor regular, this app is for you, without reservation.” –
- “If you’re someone who won’t settle for second best and you’re determined to seek out the best places ASAP, this app is a godsend.” – The Sunday Express

TripAdvisor is now optimized for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Plan and have the perfect trip with access to real traveler reviews, opinions, photos, maps, and forums that can answer even the most specific questions when you’re on the go. TripAdvisor is the world’s most trusted travel site with over 45 million reviews and opinions by travelers like you.

TripAdvisor is FREE and easy to use:
- Browse millions of reviews, opinions, and photos of hotels, restaurants, and attractions, then write or upload your own
- Find cheap flights all over the world
- Use the Near Me Now tool to discover options near you or any address you enter
- Virtual tour: see a street-level view of your destination, plus nearby hotels, restaurants, and more
-Live view: Look around with your device’s camera to see an enhanced view of nearby places
- My Saves: save hotel, restaurant, and attraction pages so you can find them again easily


6. HeyWire Free Texting to 45+ Countries

HeyWire Features Free Texting (Real SMS) to 45+ Countries from a real U.S. phone number, Smartphone Messenger Worldwide, Twitter, Facebook Chat, IM + More…

7 Great Text & Chat Services – One Simple App!

+ No in-country or international texting fees
+ Use it to txt friends nearby or in other countries
+ Perfect travel companion to avoid costly texting
+ Text to friends with SMS capable phones
+ Friends do not need HeyWire App to reply
+ Real HeyWire U.S. Phone Number included Free!

100% Coverage in USA, Canada, Mexico & Mainland China


7. Find Zipcodes

ZIPcodes is a small tool that allows you to browse or search ZIP codes and the corresponding city/state/district/country data on your iPhone or iPod touch.
As you don’t require to be online while looking up the ZIP code information, it is in particular useful for iPod touch users without the ability to use EDGE on the way.


- ZIPcode data included for many countries
- Information about the city,state,district a ZIP codes corresponds to
- Search for any city or ZIP code
- Add often used ZIP codes to a favourites list to easily access them


8. Find the hottest places to hang out with Urban Daddy

The award-winning UrbanDaddy mobile application has your answer to the eternal question: “where should we go next?”

When you’re out on the town and looking for the perfect spot to go for food, drink or a little late night debauchery—you can find any old place or you can find the right place. Select what you want to do and who you’re with and we’ll give you a hand-picked list of the nearest spots that fit the bill, complete with venue description, photos and GPS-powered directions to get you there fast.

Maybe you’re looking for cocktails at the hottest new underground lounge? A club to mingle with the latest models that just sauntered off the runway? Coffee late night after a second date? Dinner with your hipster vegetarian girlfriend? Or just the closest bar for you to find great scotch.

You’ll also be able to access UD Perks, a selection of exclusive hook-ups, offers and opportunities that will get you anything from access to your city’s newest member’s only club to private polo lesson for half-off.

Also included in this edition is the UD Hype Cycle, which will tell you what bars and restaurants in your city are beginning to buzz, what spots are hot, which scenes are cooling off and what’s primed for a comeback. Think of it as an extremely scientific survey of the nightlife landscape as it is today.

Think of The Next Move as your digital concierge when you’re on the go. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered. And we’ve got it when you need it—when you’re out and looking to make your next move.


9. Find Taxi’s near you with Taxi

Find the most popular and most reliable taxi services services for your area. (determined automatically for your location)

- Call a taxi with one simple tap on the screen.


10. Convert any units to anything with Unit Converter

Converter helps you with the mess of units you encounter in your everyday life. Convert from feet to yards to meters to miles with only a few taps. Converter handles 76 measurement units of eight common types, including length, weight, temperature, speed, data, volume (including common cooking units like teaspoons), area, and time. It also includes 63 currencies, with currency exchange rates updated every day over the Internet.


11. Know your weather with Accuweather

With AccuWeather, your location is pinpointed using the latest in GPS technology at just one click. From there, you have the most detailed, accurate, and up-to-date weather news and information at your fingertips. AccuWeather Free for iPad has all of the reliable, free features that you need to plan your day!


12. 700 City Maps

Do you feel online Google Maps is too slow showing you the map? Do you want an easy way to mark and remember where you are? Do you need a list of streets where you are? You don’t want to carry around a big unwieldy paper map? Tired of having the paper map blown to pieces by the wind every time you try to figure out where you are and where you need to go?


13. Translate anything visual with Word Lens

Instantly translate printed words from one language to another with your built-in video camera, in real time! PLEASE NOTE: Language packs must be purchased from within the app. Use Word Lens on vacation, business travel, and just for fun.


14. Public Transport Information with HopSpot

This application provides detailed public transit directions and information. Whether you’re traveling by bus, subway, taxi, or walking, this app will get you where you’re going. Be sure to read about the unique iPhone features and travel customization options below. Have a great trip!


15. Travel Guides from Lonely Planet

Start your Lonely Planet app library by downloading the Lonely Planet Travel Guides app that can store your Lonely Planet City Guides and Phrasebooks in a single application. Each time you travel to a new destination, browse our current list of more than 75 titles available through this application and download the City Guides and Phrasebooks you need to make travel that little bit easier.


16. Food and Wine Guide

America’s chef superstars—José Andres, Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, Jacques Pépin, Michael Symon and Ming Tsai—bring their best recipes to America’s premier culinary event: the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen. Recipe Highlights from the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen brings those thrilling recipes and chef videos to the iPad.


17. A Flashlight out of your phone

A real flashlight for iPhone 4 takes advantage of the new built-in LED flash for the brightest light!
The brightest light you will find, with you at all times!
Now with adjustable strobe light and controls!


18. All Trail GPS Tracking

AllTrails is THE app for finding trails nearest you.
Going on a trip to a national park? Looking for a place near home to hike or run? Looking for something new to do on the weekends?
Even in a big city you might be surprised by how much nature surrounds you.
Browse through over 40,000 high-quality trail guides for outdoor activities including everything from hiking and mountain biking to fly fishing and snowshoeing.
Know a good trail that’s not in our database? Go out, track your hike or ride with our all new GPS tracker, and add the trail for others to view and follow themselves.


19. The World Factbook

The World Factbook is the reliable and extremely popular source of information on all the nations of the world.
It provides up-to-date, valuable data for more than 250 countries and territories in a concise, well-organized format whenever and wherever you want. The World Factbook also provides interesting chapters for our changing planet, oceans and parts of the world whose status has not yet been resolved (e.g., West Bank, Spratly Islands).
Topics addressed include natural resources, industries, GDP, religion, ethnic groups, legal system and much more. Key data are grouped under the headings of introduction/background, geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, transnational issues.
The World Factbook is a must-have application for those who possess a curiosity or concern about the rapidly changing world in which we live.


20. Translator with Speech

Use this cool talking translator to instantly translate any text into any of 32 languages! It also pronounces the translation for you.
Unlike other translation apps, this one does not solely depend on one web translator. It produces superior spoken translations!


So, there you have it. Twenty must have, useful applications for your next travel.


Which country has the fastest internet in the world ?

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Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Internet Speed

Just take a wild guess. USA ? UK ? Chances are that you’re wrong. Here is a list that shows the fastest and the slowest internet speeds in the world.

So, did you get your guess right ? We didn’t.

25 Tips To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal When On The Go

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Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

The world wide web is no longer attached by a 55ft long Ethernet cable. Just as touch-tone phones have traded up the land legs for a pair of wings, so has the internet. If you own a cell phone I’m pretty sure you know how troublesome a dropped phone call can be, well imagine what a dropped broadband connection feels like? If you cant afford downtime while on the run these tips will be sure to keep you connected to what’s important most


7 questions to ask before going mobile broadband

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Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Okay, the hype is out and you’re considering buying a new MiFi/WiFi mobile broadband device,right?  Well, the options available in the market can leave you confused more than convinced. Buying a mobile broadband device is not easy but once you find separate your needs from your wants, it becomes pretty clear as to which brand fits you. Let’s find out.

1. What is your primary usage on mobile broadband ?

Think about it. Are you going to download movies over your mobile broadband device like on your PC ? Are you going to download movies off Netflix? If the answer is no, you don’t have to worry about data caps. Most networks offer decent data caps starting from 1GB to upto even 5GB (like Datajack). Even if you downloaded a movie or two from Netflix, Datajack will never run out of your allowed data cap.

If your internet usage limits to email, chat and browsing, then most networks can cover your data requirements, since its the basic

2. Do you travel a lot ?

If you’re the business traveler, who flies around, you might want to be concerned about coverage. Though most operators claim nationwide coverage, make sure you verify if the network is supported evenly throughout. For instance, if the network is 4G, verify if the network available everywhere is 4G throughout. Some networks shift to other available networks between states, and some of the times, this is a better alternative than being without any coverage at all. The speed however at these places might be lower than promised. Some networks however, offer even network all over.

3. How many devices do you carry along ?

Do you carry just your iPhone or do you have more ? How about that tablet ? No worries. MiFi devices can help you out in such situations. They offer connectivity for up to 5 devices and you can simultaneously connect all the five devices to the internet. The price for MiFi devices are little on the higher side except for Datajack.

4. How much stand by time do you require ?

WiFi devices can eat up your devices battery quite fast. That’s because (as obvious) the power required to connect via WiFi is more than normal. There is nothing magical one can do here, but MiFi devices are a big help because provided you’ve charged them well, they can stand up to 6 hours straight, and in case your laptop is running out of charge, you can always use it with your phone or tablet.

5. Do you actually need a month on month contract ?

Typically MiFi and mobile broadband connections come with contracts. That suck, right ? We understand. While all other service providers come with contracts, DataJack comes with no contracts whatsoever. That is you buy the product, get it activated and then start using it with no obligation. So you don’t overpay for your usage, pay as you go. How’s that ?

6. Is there a deposit to lock you in ?

Ask them how much you should actually pay to get started. That is the device cost + monthly price + other hidden charges what so ever ? Ask, its your right to ask. Many folks just give you the lowest price to get you attracted and hide the bigger costs conveniently. When you realize the final price, it would mostly be twice or thrice the initially promised price. As far as Datajack is concerned, we have the lowest price on devices + lowest price on monthly usage plans + no deposits whatsoever. So when it takes you at least a three digit figure to get started, you can get started on DataJack for about $80 – yes, everything included !

7. What if you decide not to use the device later ?

Termination fees is like an axe on your neck. You got to pay an extra amount to stop using the device ! How insane can it get than that ? Some networks however come with no termination fees, that is there is no obligation to the provider that you’ll use the network. If you find that the network is not good / there are any problems using it or just about anything, you can simply stop using the network and there are no questions asked. And guess what ? if you’re on DataJack, not only do you have any termination fees, but if you decide to use the device later, you can get it activated for free as well !

8. What is your budget ?

That was obvious, wasn’t it ? How much do you really want to spent ? Even if you spent more, chances are that there is going to be a data cap on your usage, so it really boils down to what your usage is and how much real mobile broadband you need. Most networks come at around $150 with all the charges covered, except which is good to start with $79.99 no contracts, no deposits what so ever !

So, there you have it. Eight important questions you should ask yourself (and your retailer) before buying a mobile broadband connection. Its all about what you actually want and not what you’re told you’d like.

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