On the Go Internet Access USB Modem

If you’re looking for On-the-Go Internet, mobile broadband access, the search ends here.

Getting a mobile internet connection is easy but getting the right one is not. As you might already know, there are several mobile broadband On the Go Internet access connections available, but what is the best one that fits your needs?

Not just a wireless internet connection.

When buying wireless On the Go Internet Access, what many don’t understand that is that they need a connection that suits their needs. With the plethora of wireless mobile broadband internet connections available today, its not surprising for one to get confused in the mix.

So, before picking up a wireless On the Go Internet Access, there are several things you need to know.

Before buying an On the Go Internet Connection

1. What is your data usage pattern?

First get an idea about what your usage is. Do you browse the internet for emails or are you a heavy downloader? A regular email user does not require a very high broadband data bandwidth while a heavy downloader absolutely requires a good bandwidth. So, figure out what your usage is first and choose accordingly.
For example, Datajack has several data plans starting from 200MB up to 5GB.
The 200GB plan is suitable for normal internet usage with no heavy downloading while the 5GB plan is suitable for heavy usage.

2. Do you travel often?

How mobile are you? Are you the traveling type who keeps moving all the time or are you the sedentary type? Do you have an internet connection at home and office? Figure out when you’d be using the internet. If you’re the frequent traveller, then an On the Go Internet Access will work perfect for you.

3. What device are you using mobile Internet on?

Next figure out, what device you’ll be using mobile broadband internet on. Is it a mobile phone or a laptop? If it’s a laptop, then a WiFi wireless internet card might suit you more than the USB Modem, which is more suited for laptops and computers.

Mobile WiFi Device or USB Modem for On the Go Internet Access?

Datajack has two amazing devices.

On the Go Internet Access USB Modem and On the Go Internet Access MiFi Card

Depending on your usage and data bandwidth calculations, you can either buy the Datajack USB Modem or the WiFi card for On the Go Internet Access.

  • $4.99
    Pay As You Go Plan

  • $9.99
    250 MB Plan

  • $29.99
    2 GB Plan

  • $49.99
    5 GB Plan