Looking for Wireless Broadband On the Go?

So, you’ve decided to make the move from wired internet to wireless broadband on the go! And all the options, offers and tariff plans, are only helping to confuse more now. So, where do we start? How to find the best wireless broadband on the go solution?

Let us help.

1. Know what you really want

First off, you got to understand what you really want in a wireless broadband.  Are you looking for a high speed 3G mobile broadband internet for office work or downloading movies? If its office work then you don’t need an expensive high data transfer plan, but if its downloading and other high bandwidth uses, you need a higher plan. Knowing this will help you save a lot of money.

2. Contract or Prepaid Wireless Broadband?

Next up, you got to figure out if you need a prepaid, pay-as-you-go connection or a signed contract one?

If you are going to make your wireless broadband internet the primary one, then you might want a contract. Or if you’d like to pay as you go, get a no contract wireless broadband like Datajack, No contract internet is always preferred as it gives you the freedom to cancel the connection when you like. With Datajack, you can cancel the connection any time and there are no questions asked.(You are less likely to do that anyways, with the kind of service we provide.)

3. What speeds do you need?

Most importantly, one got to figure out what speeds you need on your wireless broadband. Since you will be using the internet on the move, you got to have pretty good speeds and this cannot be compromised. Many wireless internet providers give you pretty decent speeds and Datajack gives you amazingly fast 3G High speed internet, which can take care of all your regular internet usage.

4. Wireless broadband coverage

Once, you’ve figured out all the above mentioned points, check if the service has coverage in your area. Since you are going to use the wireless broadband during travel, its good to check the coverage at all the places you will likely be.

Datajack has a coverage checker, just give your zip code and it will show you if the place has Datajack coverage.

So, there you have it, check all the points mentioned above before getting a wireless broadband on the go internet connection. Make sure you have the best plan, the best speed and the best service. With Datajack, we have everything you’re looking for in once place.

Check out Datajack MiFi ‘Wireless Broadband On the Go here.

  • $4.99
    Pay As You Go Plan

  • $9.99
    250 MB Plan

  • $29.99
    2 GB Plan

  • $49.99
    5 GB Plan