Internet On the Go: WiFi & USB Internet

Our world today is pretty much (read almost completely) online. Relationships, Work, Friends, Shopping….you name it. Everyday, we need better and faster speeds to connect to the online world. Mobile broadband speeds these days are amazing. We have everything from 4G to high speed broadband internet services that helps us stay connected online from a variety of devices. But what are the best ways to stay connected to the internet where ever you go? Let’s find out.

Internet On the Go!

internet-on-the-goEven though we boast about broadband technologies, when it comes to Internet on the Go, things can get confusing. After all, what is the best solution to Internet On the Go? Is it your mobile device, or the USB modem or is it the MiFi?

Well, there isn’t one clear answer. However we have the best choices here.

Truth is that, based on your requirement, there are several choices to select from.

WiFi Internet On the Go

The MiFi device is the latest addition to the league of wireless broadband devices. It’s a WiFi wireless hotspot device, that connects up to five WiFi enabled devices simultaneously. And, you can carry it wherever you go. The device is a small piece of rectangular device (check picture), that can be conveniently carried wherever you go – which makes it the preferred Wireless Internet On the Go device.

Internet On the Go with USB Modem

The USB modem is a simpler wireless Internet device. It can connect any of your USB port supported device to the Internet in no time. It has an inbuilt mobile device that connects to the Internet via 3G Mobile Broadband giving you amazingly high speed internet on the go.

The USB can be plugged into any device like a laptop/computer that features a USB port and works seamlessly anywhere. Take it along with your device, wherever you want to go and stay connected online with high speed internet.

What’s better? A WiFi device or the USB Modem?

So, the next question is, which is a better option? A WiFi device or the USB Modem?

Well, depends on what you need, If you just have a laptop or computer, a USB modem is good enough to connect to the Internet. However if you have multiple devices, like a mobile phone, a computer, a printer and so on, all you need is the MiFi device. You can get rid of all the wires and connectivity issues and manage high speed internet on the go on all the devices at the same time.

Why Internet On the Go? Is wired line internet better?

It’s a popular myth that wired line Internet is faster than Internet on the Go with Mobile broadband. Mobile broadband is versatile, it can connect you to multiple devices at the same time with amazing speeds without having to connect them with wires and dealing with complication issues. We are talking about technologies that can deliver up to 1 GB/sec. Those days are not so far, but until then, mobile broadband internet is your best option for your internet on the go requirements.

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