Prepaid Travel Internet–Best mobile broadband internet while traveling

So, you’re traveling and are looking for the best possible solution to remain connected online while on the go. Perfect.

In fact, connectivity while traveling is more like mainstream these days, isn’t it? People are so much connected to the internet that its close to impossible for us to stay away from it. And rightfully so, while traveling we need the internet with us. And although they provide internet access at airports and café shops, one who has tried them will agree that its nothing close to as fancy as they promise it to be. Connecting to a new network at the airport can be a painful thing sieving through all those security blocks.

And even if once you’re there, the speed usually sucks as an odd 312 people are usually connected to the same connection. And then on top of that you have websites blocked for security purposes. On the whole, internet access while traveling can be a painful experience, unless of course, if you have your own broadband internet connection for travel.

Get your own mobile internet while traveling

Trust us, life is much more easier, if you get one.

1. No sluggish “free” WiFi networks

2. No blocked websites (Did you know that some folks even block Facebook?)

3. Connect as many as five of your WiFi enabled devices simultaneously to the internet.

4. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


How to get your own Internet for travel?

Getting your own Internet connection while traveling is easy, once you have your own WiFi mobile hotspot device. At Datajack, we call it the MiFi device.

Its essentially a small business card(slightly thicker) like device that does not have any wires attached to it. It connects to other devices via the WiFi port, so if you have a laptop, a computer, a printer and a mobile phone that supports WiFi, it can connect all of those devices simultaneously to the internet.

You can carry it anywhere even in your pocket and it will connect any WiFi enabled device in its vicinity of 30 foot radius.

Features of a mobile WiFi hotspot device

- Wireless, easy to carry.

- Connects up to 5 WiFi enabled devices simultaneously.

- Gets you high speed 3G mobile broadband internet.

- Easy to install and get connected to the internet.

- Connects up to 30 foot radius (range).

- Available in Prepaid, no contract.

- Excellent coverage all across the USA.

- No termination fees, stop using after you travel and pay only for what you used.


And what’s more? It comes with cheap and affordable data plans starting from as low as $9.99 per month.

So, if you’re traveling anywhere in the USA, just grab a MiFi device (order online) with a suitable data plan, and go travel without worrying about internet connectivity. Enjoy the freedom of high speed 3G mobile broadband Internet while traveling.

Check out Datajack’s data plans here.

  • $4.99
    Pay As You Go Plan

  • $9.99
    250 MB Plan

  • $29.99
    2 GB Plan

  • $49.99
    5 GB Plan