How to connect a broadband connection to WiFi?

So, the question from one of our users is -

How can I convert my broadband connection into WiFi? I have a direct cable coming to my computer. Can I convert it into WiFi?

And, here’s our answer.

Yes. All you need is to buy a new wireless router.Ask for one in your local electronics store, and they wil probably provide it for you. Once you have bought it, just take the cable that goes into your computer and plug it into the “Wan” port in the back of the wireless router. Now, make sure you’ve switched on the WiFi router and the lights are blinking. Next, switch on the WiFi settings on your computer and detect the signal from the router. Typically all routers will have their default settings but you will be able to set passwords and such in its settings menu. This is essential for security purposes.

Alternatively, you can buy a new Datajack MiFi card and save all the trouble. All you need to do is buy one and switch it one. You can connect five WiFi devices simultaneously to the internet with it and its super fast! Try it.

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