Free wireless internet – How to get free wifi anywhere?

Free wireless internet - How to get free wifi anywhere

Well, “Free” is not always free, isn’t it? There’s always a catch with anything “free”. But is it actually possible to find free WiFi internet on the go?

Everyone I know would love to have some free mobile broadband internet, I’m no different.

So, let’s find out if free wifi internet is actually free, and if yes, how to access it for free.

Free Wireless Internet

What is indeed Free wireless internet? Does it mean open internet access spots? Well, technically, WiFi spots are those which are connected to the internet and can be accessed by anyone. They are either on a mobile broadband network or the wired cable internet, connected to a computer or network. The WiFi spot is made available by a WiFI router or WiFi device that transmits the mobile broadband/internet via WiFi signals. So, whoever picks one, can easily get access to the internet connection.

How to find a free WiFi internet network?

Well, there are several ways to do it. One, way of doing it is to use software applications that will let you search open WiFi networks.

You can find WiFi networks via your computer or your smart phone provided they have the WiFI port or connectivity.

Finding a free WiFi spot using software.

There are several options available. But you got to be sure about the software’s security or it can hurt your computer system.

How to find free WiFi spots.

Free Hotspot – This websites stores a list of pre-approved places that has free WiFi availability. You can search for places with the zip code and it will give you the nearest available free WiFi spot accessible. Easy as that!


WeFi – This is a free application that lets you search and fine free WiFi spots near your place. Their biggest USP is the millions of fans in community who keep updating the database with genuine free WiFi hotspots as they find it.

Places with Free WiFi spots

Apart from softwares, there are lots of places that will provide you with free WiFI internet. Example – A Panera. We are in no way affiliated to them but you got to admit that they have delicious breads. And they have free WiFi across the USA. Try it out next time.

Directory of places with Free WiFi Internet – This is bookmark stuff. All you got to do is bookmark this website and as and when you’re travelling check with them if they have places near your travel that has free WiFi internet. They have a huge database of places that offers free WiFi and we had good lucking finding places. Try it out!

How to get free WiFi at Airports

Airports are where we need WiFi the most, isn’t it? While traveling, it’s a blessing when you get seamless internet connectivity at Airports.

According to this post, its possible to hack airport WiFi hotspots with a simple URL hack. Check it out!

The next best thing to Free WiFi

Admit it. Most of the times, free WiFi is not free. Even if it was free, it would be painfully slow and most of the times secured internet. While we have been successful in getting free wireless internet most of the times, its not easy. So, what’s the next best way to get broadband internet?

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