Datajack Mobile Broadband

Take the Internet where ever you go with Datajack’s 3G High speed Internet service. High speed mobile broadband on the move, the easy and better way!

The Mobile Broadband Difference

Get fast, full speed Internet on all your devices where ever you go with Datajack MiFi card and the USB stick. Real power of 3G network helps you browse rich media, and download large documents online without any hassles. No more sluggish downloads or dropped calls. Datajack Mobile Broadband can be used on any devices including tablets, smart phones and laptops. Datajack mobile broadband MiFi device can connect up to five devices at once making it extremely easy, to connect to high speed internet, where ever you are.

No more sluggish internet, get high speed mobile broadband with Datajack.

Datajack Mobile Broadband Devices

1) The Datajack Mobile Broadband MiFi

Datajack Mobile Broadband

The Datajack MiFi device is a wireless hotspot device that you can take anywhere. It connects up to five WiFi enabled devices simultaneously with access to high speed 3G Internet. There are no contracts or termination fees associated with the connection so you can just grab a new device and start using it right away. There are even no drivers or software to be installed. Carry it anywhere you want and you have high speed internet on your finger tips! The MiFi device has up to 40 hours of stand by time, so don’t worry about going places with it.

There are convenient data plans to select from as well, and you can enjoy up to 5GB of data a month for as low as $49.99.

Datajack Mobile Broadband MiFi Device Features

- Connect up to five WiFi enabled device simultaneously.
- Stand by time of up to 40 hours.
- Internal antenna system.
- Removable Lithium-Ion battery.
- 3G High speed internet on the go!

2) The Datajack Mobile Broadband USB

Datajack_USB_Mobile Broadband

The Datajack USB device is the best mobile broadband solution for travel and folks who move around a lot. Its basically a USB device that you can stick into your laptops USB port and get connected to the internet right away. Setting it up is super easy with no driver or no installations what so ever.

You get high speed internet where ever you go, on the move on all the supported devices. It comes with no contracts and termination fees so all you got to do is grab a new device and start using it right away.

Mobile Broadband Coverage

Datajack has superior coverage nationwide, providing you seamless high speed internet where ever you go. Coverage varies based on a number of factors but you can check if the network is available in your area here. We are building our network constantly, so chance are that you’ll find the signals improve if you’re in an area that has a weak signal.

Check out  Datajack MiFi and Datajack UDB Data plans here.