23 Funny WiFi Network Names by "Wise" Neighbors

So, you know that your neighbor is stealing your WiFi, so what do you do ? Change your network name to “Screw you A*****e ?”.

That’s exactly what these gentlemen did, but most of them were very creative, and funny indeed. Check it out !

1. Dude you are such a boob, and I mean that in a good way.

This is the only wireless network that comes in both an A and C cup’s

2. Hey have you seen the naked pics of your girlfriend floating around the internet?

Seriously, you didn’t actually think we would have naked pics of your girlfriend did you? Well the owners of the network below do

3.Turd Burglar

Honey look! They’re stealing our sh*t again!


3. Yer Baby Is Really Ugly

To think you would have had enough of it at the hospital, but now your neighbor is in on it as well!

4. Pictures of balls ?

Do you mind coming down to the station and picking those balls out of a line up?

5. Choo Choo Train

This is probably one of the funkiest Choo-choo train ride’s you’ll ever have in your life. Please check your overhead compartment for toilet tissue prior to arriving to your URL destination.

6. Get off my Lawn !

Looks like someone has a big thing for Clint Eastwood one-liners from Gran Torino. “A Mexican, A Jew, and a colored guy walk into a bar, the bartender looks up and  says…………”


7. My Neighbors Suck !

Yep, sure they do, and every time they connect to the web they are reminded of your residential prejudice.

8. Space Age Bachelor Pad

This is the coolest name ever…and my wife won’t let me have one.


9. Buy another cup you cheapskate !

I don’t even know what to say about this one. A cup of what?


10. Bondage Club !

I’m still trying to disconnect from this network, trust me it isn’t what you think it is.

11. Peeping Tom !

This is another reason why you never give out your WEP key to your bald neighbor with the binoculars down the street


12. On the face !

Looks like someone is smarter than everyone else, oh and while your at it, no free cookies either!

13. Uh Oh !

Looks like the owner of this network talk’s a lot of Sh*t literally

14. Message to Joel

Too bad this is Joel’s network

15. A bold statement there !

This guy also let’s his mother know that phone calls aren’t free either.


16.  Message for you Andy.

Andy, I just heard, my condolences.


17. Jumbled up !

Fwat The Wuck! Who is Pong Lenis?

18. Pirates ! Ahoy

This guy is still mad he was turned down for the role of JAck Sparrow’s first mate, that’s a real shame.

19. You don’t want that on your system

Blank, Blank , Blank, Blank========>!


20.  Clever !

Hey did you hear about that new computer virus that’s going around killing people?


21. Friendly message from your neighbor

…And your cat spams my inbox

22. Oops !

At least someone is getting some.


23. I’m under your…wait, what ??

Ahhhh! Mommy, there’s a .com under my mattress!

Compiled from HolyTaco, HuffPo

So, which one’s your favorite ? :)

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