20 Amazing Infographics About Mobiles, Their Future & How They Are Helping Our Lives

The mobile world is booming at an alarming rate. Newer technologies, newer speeds, newer uses, they have penetrated to our lives like never before and are proving to be useful in areas never expected. We’ve come a long way from old bulky mobile phones to slick, super fast ones.

Here are some amazing infographics on how the mobiles have evolved, their growth and how they are affecting our lives in ways that we never imagined.

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1. What is the size of our Mobile Market?

A cool infographic that tells how big the mobile market is, what are the trends today in mobile marketing and where we’re headed.

Mobile Market – Infographic Here.



2. Mobile Apps for Customer Engagement

The state of the mobile apps world that can help you in Customer Management.

ClickFox Infographic_MobileAps_final


3. Mobile Dating Statistics

A cool infographic on how the Mobile dating world is trending around us. Startling facts there!



4. Mobile Apps & Game Statistics in 60 seconds

An amazing infographic that tells us interesting statistics about how the numbers stack up on popular apps and games in the mobile world.



5. Are you addicted to your mobile phone?

A cool infographic that asks the question, “Are you addicted to your mobile phone?” And also helps you answer it.



6. The current state of Mobile App World

This infographic gives us insights about the current statistics in the mobile applications world with the numbers dissected regionwise.



7. How Mobiles are helping us learn

This infographic tell us about how the mobiles have helped us learn about our surroundings all the years through.



8. Mobile Advertising and Coupons

Since mobile advertising using coupons have become huge these days, this infographic will give insights about what lies beneath the hype.

mobile coupons


9. How Popular are Mobile Phones Today?

This one talks about the popularity of mobile phones, which are the current ones that are trending, the ones that flopped etc.



10.  Mobile User Behavior – Comparison

A comparative study on how mobile users interact and behave with popular brands, social media insights and country wise data.



11. An App Developer’s journey – Design to Monetization

An amazing infographic showing an application developer’s journey. From designing to monetization, everything!



12. Mobile Shopping on iPhone

An interesting infographic explaining about the shopping experience on iPhone and the statistics.



13. Mobile Marketing Insights

Another great infographic explaining about the email marketing possibilities on mobiles and the statistics.



14. How big is the Mobile Market

An insightful infographic on the size of the entire mobile market.



15. Mobile Phone Ownership by Country

This one shows in depth analysis of how mobile phones are spread out in the market for each country and more.



16. Cell Phone Use Demographics

An amazing cell phone usage demographics across countries.



17. Smart Phones and Shopping

An amazing infographic that tells us details about how the mobile shopping experience is shaping up the economy.



18. The Apple iPhone Appstore Statistics

This one gives an in depth showcase of how the numbers stack up in the App store. How many apps, their popularity, trends etc.



19. How Mobile Influences the Shopping Experience

A surprising revelation of how the mobile technology is influencing out shopping experience today.



20. Ten Surprising facts about Mobiles

This one is awesome. It gives you ten amazing facts about mobiles that will blow you away.



So there you have it. The mobile world is ever evolving with amazing new technologies coming in every day and making our lives better. High Speed Broadband Internet is now available on mobiles at high speeds that its easier than ever to stay connected with your friends and family. MiFi hotspots that connect upto five devices simultaneously, where ever you go, and things like that. Amazing isn’t it?

All we have to say is, bring it on!

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