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Mobile Internet Access Starting at $4.99/mo

Plan on traveling for the Holidays? Save BIG with our Pay As You Go Plan! Only $4.99/mo. for 100MB of included data + 2.9¢ per additional MB used. Only pay for what you use. Enjoy mobile internet acc...

148 days ago by Eric

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Spanish Kindle “Tienda Kindle” available now on Amazon

Amazon has been making some big strides in extending its footprint outside of the U.S. with its Kindle e-readers and Kindle bookstore, but today it took a step to improve how it caters to Spanish spea...

748 days ago by Mani


Study Reveals that 50 percent of US mobile phones today are smartphones!

Nielsen Mobile Insights' latest statistics are ...

755 days ago by Mani


15 Essential Apps that will make a difference to your daily life

When it comes to mobile internet, there are several apps out there that boasts the sun and moon. But how many of them are actually useful to us in our daily lives? Only a few. Let us give you a quick ...

776 days ago by Mani


What wireless data network works best with the iPad?

So, the new iPad is out (March 7, 2012) and its called the “New iPad”. What’s new on the iPad? 4G Data Connectivity, Retina display, A5X processor, Improved camera, 1080 pixels video and Voice d...

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DataJack service review & feedback from users

Being a brand that is constantly on the look out to innovate itself, offering better customer satisfaction levels and above all, offering a top quality product at an affordable price, we are proud of ...

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5 Thoughtful reasons why your mobile internet sucks!

Today, staying connected online is not a luxury but a necessity. Even though most of us have the best super speedy broadband connections, we need something beyond, letting us stay connected all the ti...

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Study on smartphone users reveal surprising facts at the Mobile World Congress!

At the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Spain, startling facts emerge as a study on smart phone users in the US and UK are revealed. Most of the findings were contrary to popular belief ...

784 days ago by Mani


10 Android Apps that will speed up your sluggish Android mobile

One thing that’s common for all kind of Android user’s is that the mobile starts getting sluggish after installing all those apps. The apps become slow to respond for touch and other actions. This...

789 days ago by Mani


DataJack Received First Order On Recently Executed Nationwide Distribution Agreement

Dallas, Feb 22, 2012 -- Quamtel's subsidiary, DataJack, Inc. , announced today that DataJack has received the first purchase order related to the recently executed long term comprehensive distribution...

789 days ago by Mani


How Apple single handedly saved AT&T and Sprint

When the first iPhone was sold back in 2007, Apple’s market cap was at $104 billion, and today, four and a half years down the line, it stands at a staggering $480 billion. Nearly 200 million iPh...

791 days ago by Mani


Mobile Broadband: What it really means [Infographic]

So, we get to hear a lot of mobile broadband these days. What does mobile broadband technology actually mean? What are its potentials? And most importantly, are we enjoying the real mobile broadband t...

796 days ago by Mani

4G Mobile Broadband

4G Mobile Broadband Internet: Is it for real?

4G Mobile Broadband is the new buzz in town. 4G means a whole lot of new possibilities. Better speeds, better bandwidths and better connectivity. Today every other company is boasting about their 4G...

798 days ago by Mani


USB v/s MiFi Mobile Broadband–Which is better?

When it comes to mobile broadband, you have two options. The Mobile Broadband USB internet and the MiFi...

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Get Portable WiFi Internet On the Go at $9.99 per month

Imagine this. You’re someone on the move and need high speed internet wherever you go. Plus, you need to connect your laptop, mobile phone and couple of other devices too on the go. Sound...

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Things to consider when looking for High Speed Internet Services

So, you find almost everyone crying out that they’re high speed internet. The question is, so is everyone else selling at lower speeds? Well, the difference is obvious. It’s the technol...

807 days ago by Mani


Internet On the Go: WiFi & USB Internet

Our world today is pretty much (read almost completely) online. Relationships, Work, Friends, Shopping….you name it. Everyday, we need better and faster speeds to connect to the online world. Mob...

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Broadband Internet Speeds–Fun Facts and Figures [Infographic]

So, with lot of questions being asked about internet connection speeds and how fast mobile broadband connections can be, we thought we’ll create a visualization chart with all the information availa...

817 days ago by Mani